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Our History

Confindustria Est Europa, initially structured as “Confindustria Balcani”, was established in October 2010 to offer Italian entrepreneurs a new and transnational approach in this region.

Italy in Eastern Europe

The philosophy behind Confindustria Est Europa is that there are many social, economic, cultural and systemic characteristics that characterize the countries of Eastern Europe, aspects that make them interdependent and closely linked. Precisely for this reason, following the expansive dynamics of entrepreneurial associations in the Balkans in the last 20 years, it proposes itself as a collector of the needs of Italian companies that look with interest to this geographical area.
Overall, through a network of associations in individual countries, it brings together more than 1,000 Italian companies that have decided to operate and develop their economic activities in the region.

Visita del Premier Conte in Bulgaria, gennaio 2020


In order to introduce to the Italian business world an innovative approach to internationalization based on the presence of private associations, on the direct participation of companies, on the development of services designed to meet the needs of entrepreneurs.

Evento "Opportunità commerciali e industriali nell’Est Europa”. Padova, febbraio 2019
I Presidenti Maria Luisa Meroni e Luca Serena insieme con il Vice-Presidente di Confindustria con delega all'internazionalizzazione, Barbara Beltrame, durante la cena per il ventesimo anniversario di Confindustria Bulgaria, ottobre 2020

Present the excellence of Italian entrepreneurship and the most appropriate policies to further develop the opportunities for growth of industrial partnerships in the area to local institutional decision makers and business counterparts.

Offer quality services through the network of individual national associations for integrated and complete support to Italian companies towards the Eastern Europe area.

Further strengthen the network of associations that make it up by expanding the presence in the area thus allowing companies to have more opportunities to network abroad.



Confindustria est europa President

Maria Luisa Meroni

Italy has an important economic role in Eastern Europe. My Confindustria Est Europa is made up of a cohesive and united team of Italian entrepreneurs who bet every day on this area. We work together to be more and more rooted and recognized at European and international level.