Presidency Team

Maria Luisa Meroni


Giulio Bertola

Vice President with Delegation for Health and the industrial health chain

Nunziante Coraggio

Counselor with delegation to development of existing Small RI and Business Networks

Erich Cossutta

Counselor with Delegation to Energy

Patrizio dei Tos

Counselor with Delegation for the Environment and Sustainability

Roberto Santorelli

Counselor with delegation to the development and coordination of services

Antonio Schiro

Counselor with Delegation to Credit and Finance

Marco Tozzi

Counselor with Delegation for relations with the International Representations in Russia, the Caucasus and Central Asia.

Giulio Fumagalli Romario

Delegate for External Relations

Giordano Gorini

Delegate to the process of pre-accession and entry into the European Union

Michele Pezza

Delegate for Industrial Relations and relations with SMEs

General Council

Political policy body – designates and appoints the Presidency team – and with decision-making powers on all matters of interest to Confindustria Est Europa. All the International Missions are represented through the Presidents and additional members appointed by them.