International Representations

Polonia Bielorussia Ucraina Romania Bulgaria Albania Macedonia del Nord Slovenia Serbia Montenegro

Established in December 2016, Confindustria Albania represents the largest Italian companies established in Albania in the following product sections: Transport and Logistics; Agri-food; Building Builders; Mechanics, Electronics; Chemistry; Energy, Innovative Tertiary and Communication; Finance and Insurance; Footwear; Healthcare etc.


Sergio Fontana

Confindustria Albania President

General Manager: Gerta Bilali

Tel / Fax. +355 4 2252687


Rruga Themistokli Germenji, Pallati Frasheri, shkalla 1, ap 12, Tirana, Albania


Marco Tozzi

Confindustria Belarus President

General Manager: Ing. Adriano Pea


220014, Repubblica di Bielorussia, Minsk, per. S. Kovalevskaya, 60-323.

Confindustria BLR is the association of Italian entrepreneurs operating in the Belarusian market. Born in 2017, it is autonomous, apolitical and independent. It expresses the representation of the associates by operating as a collector and amplifier towards all the offices of institutional dialogue. It operates and works in collaboration with the other institutions of the Italian system in the country.

Confindustria Bosnia and Herzegovina is among the first associations established abroad. The association counts the presence of Italian companies present in the small Balkan state. The association has always proposed itself as a reference point for Italian entrepreneurs present in the area.

Bosnia Erzegovina

Igor Pahor

Confindustria Bosnia Erzegovina President

General Manager: Franco Coglot

Tel. +387 62 940 900


Roberto Santorelli

Confindustria Bulgaria Deputy Vice President

General Manager: Mila Nenova
Tel. +359 2 4500012

Confindustria Bulgaria was founded in April 2000 as an Advisory Committee of Italian Entrepreneurship in Bulgaria. In 2010 it became Confindustria’s first International Representation in Eastern Europe. Founding member of Confindustria Est Europa, he has represented Italian entrepreneurship in Bulgaria for over 20 years.

Confindustria North Macedonia was established in 2017, on the foundations of the AIIM (Italian Association of Businessmen in Macedonia) founded in 2010, with the collaboration of the Italian Embassy in Skopje. Confindustria MKN supports Italian companies present in the country and potential new investors.

North Macedonia

Marco Marconi

Confindustria North Macedonia President

General Manager: Enrico Rainone


Erich Cossutta

Confindustria Montenegro President

General Manager: Marko Djindjinovic

Tel. +38220672162, +38267309620, +38267309317


Confindustria Montenegro, was established in 2018 with the aim of becoming the reference point for Italian entrepreneurs looking for business opportunities in Montenegro and recognize this part of the Balkans as an interesting area for the development of their activities. It offers operational support to its members in creating collaborations with partners in Montenegro.

Confindustria Polonia was founded in 2019 to be a reference point for Italian entrepreneurs who want to seize or expand business opportunities in a country with ample margins for the development of bilateral economic relations and a structured presence of Italian companies.


Simone Granella

Confindustria Poland President

General Manager: Alessandro Saglio
Tel. +48 717 215 111



Giulio Bertola

Confindustria Romania President

General Manager: Rocco Ferri
Tel. +40.(0).31.805.31.85

Confindustria Romania is the association serving Italian entrepreneurs in Romania. It was born in 2011, but it operates in Romania as a Patronage recognized by the Government since 2005 as a “Unimpresa Romania”, supporting and defending the interests of the Italian business fabric active in Romania.

Confindustria Serbia, founded in 2012, is the association at the service of Italian entrepreneurs who choose to start a path of internationalization, trade or investment in Serbia. Thanks to a flexible structure and excellent institutional relations in Serbia as well as in Italy, it has become an active player in promoting economic and social relations between the two countries.


Patrizio Dei Tos

Confindustria Serbia President

General Manager: Irena Brajovic

Tel. +381 11 2627 982

Confindustria Slovenia

Dino Feragotto

Confindustria Slovenia President

General Manager: Franco Coglot
Tel. +386 30 775 627

Confindustria Slovenia was born in 2019 with the intention of associating the Italian companies established in the country and which have deployed phases of their activity there, with a diversified presence in different sectors, from energy to mechanics, from wood furniture to credit to insurance.

Confindustria Ukraine, born in 2019, is the association of Italian companies in Ukraine with close links with local institutional and business counterparts and the headquarters at the offices of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce in Kiev. It promotes the internationalization of Italian companies by supporting them in the development of activities throughout the national territory.


Marco Toson

Confindustria Ukraine President

General Manager: Graziano Benedetto

Tel. +380 665795347,