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Almawave S.p.A., an Almaviva Group company, is a leading Italian Artificial Intelligence and written and spoken natural language processing leader. Almawave leverages cutting-edge proprietary technologies and applied services to deliver upon the potential of AI as enterprises and the public sector evolve digitally. An international focus is provided by Almawave do Brasil, Almawave USA and PerVoice. The Group has dedicated technology laboratories and over 220 professionals with significant expertise of enabling technologies and the main frameworks – Big Data, Data Science, Machine Learning, AI Architecture and Integration – in addition to broad business process knowledge. Almawave’s technological asset base, conceived and built as a model of natural experience in the interaction between man and machine, can interpret text and voice in over 30 languages, interacting in multi-channel mode, analysing data and information with a view to knowledge development and automation. The company has a customer base of over 100, with more than 30 thousand users of its platform.


Colacem S.p.A. is a cement industry which was established in 1966 with the opening of a plant at Ghigiano di Gubbio. It is part of the Financo Group, controlled entirely by the families of the brothers Pasquale, Giovanni, Franco and Carlo Colaiacovo, whose family has been operating in the building components sector since the post-war period. The Group, which has a consolidated turnover of over 500 million euro, of which 365 millions represent the Colacem turnover with 1200 employees. Colacem operates prevalently in four sectors: common cement, concrete and aggregates, transport and diversified activities (tourism, environment, agriculture, sport/entertainment). The most important is common cement, and Colacem is one of
Italy’s leading companies for cement production and distribution. Colacem S.p.A. produces and distributes common cement, grey cement, white cement, masonry cement and hydrated lime.


Telecom Italia Sparkle, a wholly owned subsidiary of Telecom Italia SpA, was established in 2003 with the objective of developing and consolidating the Italian Group’s international wholesale and retail business. Telecom Italia Sparkle is a full service provider, offering a complete range of solutions spanning voice services, IP, bandwidth and managed data services for fixed-line and mobile operators, Internet Service Providers and, in synergy with Telecom Italia, for multinational corporations. The company runs a proprietary, advanced and global-reaching international network made up of three regional systems, deployed in Europe, the Mediterranean Basin and Latin America, in order to guarantee the availability of its own infrastructure in those areas where Telecom Italia Sparkle is concentrating its commercial focus.


Eni is an integrated enterprise employing more than 34,000 people in 69 countries worldwide. Eni works to build a future which allows everyone to have access to energy resources in an efficient and sustainable way. The company’s work is founded on passion and innovation. On the strength and the development of its skills. The value of the person, recognizing diversity as a resource. Eni believes in the long-term partnership with the countries and communities that host it.
The company’s philosophy is grounded on operational excellence, attention to health, safety and environmental information to prevent and reduce operational risks.


The Blend mobile mixing plants are more and more innovative and in step with the times, for this reason Blend Plants offers a wide range of products to satisfy every type of production need.

One of Blend Plant’s intentions is to provide innovative solutions with an even greener approach, firmly focused on the environment and people.
To do this, Blend Plants is always looking to improve its machines and design new products. Blend mobile mixing plants are distinguished for their mobility and versatility of producing concrete, cold asphalt and working with recycled material, and for being extremely efficient in terms of energy consumption and CO2 emission.